Company Main business

Committed to becoming an industry of excellence/ Commercial area wireless charging solution provider

Our Advantage

With a strong R & D team, independent intellectual property rights, professional custom industrial / commercial field wireless charging solutions

Leading technology

Our wireless charging system has a transmission efficiency of over 90%, with FOD function (metal foreign object recognition), and the technology is at a leading level.

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Professional customized development services

A company specializing in providing industrial/commercial wireless charging solutions in the country, which can provide one-to-one professional customized development services for corporate customers.

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Independent intellectual property rights

Independently developed a variety of intelligent wireless charging standardization modules for industrial/commercial fields, and patent protection.

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Strong R&D team

The company's core development members are all from good wireless charging companies, and have many years of experience in the field of wireless charging, which can quickly respond to customer needs.

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Wireless charging Technical advantages

Advantages of wireless charging technology in industrial & commercial applications

  • No charging metal contacts

    After the product is wirelessly charged, even if there is foreign matter on the charging stand, it will not have any influence on the charging. In addition, since there is no exposed metal contact, it can avoid contact failure caused by oxidation and passivation of the metal surface for multiple times. The speed is reduced, the charging interface is hot or damaged.

  • Charging does not require precise alignment

    Expanding the range of charging points eliminates the need to precisely align the charging position, allowing a range of positional errors, which simplifies the design of the product's automatic charging method.

  • Unattended automatic charging

    The whole charging process does not require manual intervention. When the power is too low, it can automatically enter the charging area for power replenishment, eliminating the need to manually plug and unplug the charging line, realizing unattended, truly intelligent charging.

  • Unattended Automated Charging Charging in underwater environ

    Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field for energy transfer and can be performed in an aqueous medium. The underwater working robot working in the ocean, river, etc. adopts the wireless charging method, can solve the problem of the charging port sealing, and can realize the online charging in the underwater environment. Wireless charging has no direct electrical contact and does not generate sparks. It is suitable for use in environments such as chemical plants, coal mines, and automobile manufacturing plants where hazardous gases are present.

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